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What makes A Beret good or bad depends on it

Author: This site source: This site time:2020/08/28
  Berley Bridge was named after Donald Bailey, a British engineer who invented the prefabricated highway steel bridge in 1938, at the beginning of World War II, making it easy to assemble and transport. We except the bailey bridge steel standard components including truss bridge, steel, steel could bailey pills, bailey bridge, bailey beam, bailey truss, gantry crane, and construction with auxiliary bridge, assembled highway bridge steel, bridge, pier, 321 assembled highway bridge steel, 200 type assembled highway bridge steel, bailey structure hanging basket, bailey full framing structure, multi span structure bailey bridge, arch bridge bracket thereof, also developed the bailey truss varieties, more than 20 species of brace more than 20 kinds of varieties, suitable for all kinds of engineering construction or the need to open to traffic, but also can be used interchangeably with the standard components.

  Guizhou berea piece of channel steel chord by two 10 (back), on the lower chord, how block welding steel plate with circular hole, in strengthening the chord and bottom chord from and double-deck truss connecting bolt hole, within the upper chord and four bolt holes for connecting racks, between the two holes is for double row or more rows of truss with internode connection. The two holes at each end are interjointed across the nodes. When multiple rows of beret plates are used as beams or columns, the joints of upper and lower beret plates shall be strengthened with a support frame. On the lower chord, there are four beam backing plates with a convex tenon above to fix the position of the beam on the plane. On the end channel steel web of the lower chord, there are also two elliptical holes for connecting the wind-resisting pull rod. The vertical rod of Beret plate is made of 8# I-steel, and there is a square hole on the side of the vertical rod near the lower chord, which is used for the beam fixture to fix the beam.

  It can be used for road Bridges, gantry cranes, guide beams, bridge erecting machines, hanging baskets, etc. Bailey truss gantry crane, using assembled highway bridge steel components are assembled gantry, but the span and column height is adjustable, so as to adapt to different work place, guizhou berea is widely used in highway, railway, municipal, construction, water conservancy and other construction projects, bridge construction lifting removed prefabricated prefabricated plant such as sewing, beside the bridge piers and girders construction work on site.
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