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Composition and detection control of Beret tablet

Author: This site source: This site time:2020/08/28
  Beret plate is welded by upper and lower chord, vertical rod and inclined rod. The upper and lower chord ends are connected with Yin and Yang joints, and the joints are connected with a pestle and a pin hole. Hunan berea piece of channel steel chord by two 10 (back), on the lower chord, how block welding steel plate with circular hole, in strengthening the chord and bottom chord from and double-deck truss connecting bolt hole, within the upper chord and four bolt holes for connecting racks, between the two holes is for double row or more rows of truss with internode connection.

  Through the development and testing of Hunan Bayley tablet detection system, the detection and control indexes are determined. Berea is put forward to detect system process, through a certain number of detection, analysis and verification, to berea were divided into normal use, the drop 3 classes, use and discard discriminant berea use level of quick determination method and criterion, eliminate the potential safety hazard in the process of using, effectively guarantee the safety of hunan piece of berea use reliability.

  Due to the different service life and working conditions of the Beret truss plates (hereinafter referred to as the Beret plates) and the non-standard maintenance process, the performance of some Beret plates has been reduced to different degrees.
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